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Application Process and Log-In Assistance

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Application Process

All students participating in a study abroad program must complete a Miami study abroad application.

1. Use the PROGRAM SEARCH to find your program.

2. Click the "Apply Now" button and select the appropriate term in which you wish to travel.

2a. You will then be prompted to log in. MIAMI STUDENTS will log in with their Miami user name and password. NON-MAMI STUDENTS will need to create an account before being able to apply. See Log In Assistance below for more information.

2b. Select the term you want to participate.

2c. Complete the tasks outlined on the application. These are customized based on the needs of the program.

NOTE: for student participating in a Transfer Credit Program, see additional notes below.

3. Once accepted or approved to participate through the Miami application system, you'll receive an email. This should prompt you to log back on to the study abroad application system to complete the remaining application requirements for accepted/approved students. 

 More information for applying to Exchange, Co-sponsored and Approved programs

  • If you are applying to an Exchange, Co-Sponsored or Approved program, you must do an application to the exchange school or program provider in addition to your Miami study abroad application.
  • If your program requires a Study Abroad Advisor/Home School Nomination form (or similar name), you may bring this to 214 MacMillan Hall for a signature. Please note, in order to receive a signature you must first begin your Miami University Study Abroad application.
  • If you need to send a copy of your Miami transcript to your study abroad program, visit the OneStop.
  • You will want to get the courses you plan to take through your study abroad program 'pre-approved' for Miami course equivalency.

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Log In Assistance

Once you have started a study abroad application, you'll be able to log in to your account using the 'Log In' link at the top right of the page. Miami University students, use your unique ID and Miami password. Non-Miami students, you will log in with your email as your user name, and the password you initially set up. 

Problems Logging In?
If you have not already started a study abroad application, you will not be able to login to the system. Go to the PROGRAMS SEARCH page and click "Apply Now" to the program of your choice to begin the process.

Miami Students:

  • Make sure you are using your regular Miami username (uniqueID) and password, as you would log into other Miami systems.
  • Have you tried using the same combination of username and password on another Miami system today and succeeded, but failed when logging into this StudioAbroad system? We have occasionally had students run into login problems when they have punctuation or special characters in their password. If you are able to log into Blackboard/Banner/webmail but not this site, try changing your password to one with a single standard punctuation mark such as ! or . at the Password Utility page. It generally takes 15 minutes for the password change to go into effect.
  • The following special characters are NOT compatible with the study abroad system; you'll need to change your Miami password if it contains one of these symbols.
( ) ; ' " < >

Non-Miami Students:

  • If you are a non-Miami student, follow the user account set up prompts. Your email address will be your username. A temporary password will be emailed to you upon completion of your profile set up.
  • You'll need to click "Apply Now" again, and enter your username (email address) and temporary password to create an application. The temporary password is only good for 24 hours. If you need to reset your password, click here.

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