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Academic Credit /Transcripts

Global Miami Plan / Global Perspectives Requirements:
In many cases, your study abroad credit will automatically  filter into the Global Perspectives category of your DAR. If it does not appear under Foundation III, your credits can apply, but you will need to submit a request in writing to the Office of Liberal Education for your credits to be applied on your Degree Audit Report (DAR). To do so, send an email to Include your full name, Banner ID#, and the courses you would like to have applied to Foundation III Study Abroad. Please list the courses as they appear on your Miami University academic record.

Transferring Credit:
If you participated in a Transfer Credit program, ensure that you have ordered an official transcript to be sent to Miami's Registrar. It can take a few months after the end of your program for Miami to receive the transcripts. Order additional transcripts for your own use. Applications to graduate school, to jobs, etc. may require transcripts from your foreign institution or program.  Keep these transcripts sealed in their original envelopes as many schools will only consider transcripts official if they have not been opened.

Updating DAR:
Are the credits from your program not appearing as you expect them to? You can either contact the One Stop to have the credits re-evaluated based on your Transfer Credit Approval Form or your academic advisor to make substitutions.

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Credit / Transfer Credit FAQ

Q: Do study abroad grades affect my Miami GPA?

A: On Miami faculty-led and MUDEC programs, classes are Miami classes and will be calculated into your Miami GPA.  On Transfer Credit programs, grades do not affect Miami GPA, but you must pass your classes in order for credit to transfer back to Miami. 

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Q: I studied abroad and the credits are not on my DARS. What do I do?

A: Transfer Credit programs: It can sometimes take 90 days or more for transcripts to arrive at Miami and an additional 7-10 days to be processed in Miami's Registrar's office. 

  1. On your DARS, click "Courses not used in any other requirement" and your courses could be listed there. If not, onto #2
  2. Check with your provider or host university to make sure they have sent the transcript to Miami's Registrar's office. If they have, did they send it to the right address and can they resend it. 

Faculty-led program or MUDEC: Please contact the Study Abroad office right away. or

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Q: I took classes for the Global Perspectives requirement, how do I get that marked off?

A: Faculty-led and MUDEC classes are already coded to have this requirement automatically marked as completed.

Transfer Credit programs, please contact the Office of Liberal Education at  In your email to the Office of Liberal Education, please include your Banner number and the names of the courses that you want to be applied to that requirement. More details can be found on the Liberal Education site.

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Transfer Credit Approval Form (TCAF) FAQ

Q: Do I have to turn in a Transfer Credit Approval Form? 

A: We strongly encourage all students participating on transfer credit programs to complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form (TACF) before they go abroad in order to fully understand how the credits will be applied toward the completion of their Miami degree. It is your choice, however, to skip this process by answering 'no' to the following questions:

  1. Are you using Miami Scholarships or Financial Aid (i.e. loans, outside scholarships) to pay for your program? If yes, skip to #3. If No, go to #2
  2. Do you want use a class taken abroad as a Miami equivalent? If yes, go to #3. If no, then you do not need to turn in a TCAF.
  3. YES. You need to turn in a Transfer Credit Approval form.

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Q: When is the Transfer Credit Approval Form due, where does it go and who should I give it to? 

A: This form should be completed before the end of the semester before you go abroad, dropped off at 214 MacMillan Hall and given to any of our friendly staff.
Make sure you have completed all of the student sections and signed the bottom.

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Q: I did not complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form before I studied abroad. How can I get a class I took abroad to count for a Miami equivalent class?

A: Using the same form, the Transfer Credit Approval Form, a student can work with the Chief Departmental Advisor (CDA) of the relevant department to have the class reviewed as a Miami equivalent course. Provide the course syllabus and assignments completed to the CDA, if requested. Then turn the completed form into 214 MacMillan Hall. Once it is posted to your account, you will need to email asking to have your transfer credits re-evaluated.

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