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Faculty / Advisor Resources

What is study abroad/away?
Study abroad and away programs are academic travel programs wherein students earn academic credit. Programs range in length, destination, cost and academic content. Miami offers our center in Luxembourg (MUDEC), 100+ faculty-led programs, and facilitates student participation in transfer credit programs. so we can find a program that fits most student needs, with advanced planning.

There are many opportunities for Miami faculty and staff to become involved in study abroad programming:


Why is it important for faculty, academic advisors, and the study abroad office to work together?

Study abroad has far-reaching benefits, including personal, academic and professional development. Miami University values these benefits and the impact they have towards developing our graduates into Global Citizens. But, in order for study abroad to be a reality for many students, they often need the support and assistance of faculty and academic advisors to help them build time and course opportunities into degree plans.

Encourage students to study abroad; send them our way or let us know when they express interest – we will follow up. We ask for your support in doing the following:

  • Encourage early planning – we can generally make it work for each student, but more planning and academic flexibility make it easier
  • Identify best times / courses for study abroad
  • Review and sign transfer credit approval forms
  • Identify student needs that aren’t being met, and let us know
  • Ask us questions

Academic Advisors

Faculty Directors


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